Local ski resorts report record snowfall in midst of active season


After a lot of very active weather, local ski resorts are reporting record snowfall, including Mt. Rose Ski Resort, which has broken their all-time snowfall record by three feet already. They've received 636 inches of snow as of February 23.

Mt. Rose Ski gets about 350 inches in an average year, meaning they've received 182% of their average snowfall already this season.

Of the resorts who have announce season exensions, Northstar California has received 551 inches of snow this season compared to an average of 350 inches, Heavenly has received 544 inches compared to an average of 360 inches, and Kirkwood has received 556 inches compared to an average of 354 inches.

Ski resorts season extensions (as of February 23, 2017)

Heavenly: open through April 30

Kirkwood: open through April 16.

Northstar: open through April 23

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