How to: make your own eclipse viewer using household items


The Great American Eclipse is happening on Monday, August 21st. While Reno won't be in the path to see the eclipse in totality, we'll still be able to watch the moon obscure 83% of the sun as it passes through.

But -- before you can enjoy the spectacle, you'll need a way to protect your eyes! While many locations are running out of eclipse glasses, you can make your own viewer to safely view the event.

WATCH to learn how to build your very own eclipse viewer:



  • Cereal box (or similarly shaped box)
  • Tin Foil
  • Pen (or other pointy object)
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Paper. crayons, markers, etc (optional -- for decorating)

Step One:

Cut two holes in top of cereal box

Step Two:

Tape top flaps of cereal box together

Step Three:

Cut a piece of tin foil so that it's larger than one of the holes you cut in the cereal box

Step Four:

Cover one hole with tin foil, tape down

Step Five:

Poke a hole in the tin foil

Step Six (optional):

Cover box with paper and decorate for an #Eclipse2017 souvenir!


Facing away from the sun, look through the larger hole and line up the box so that the sun shines through the hole in the tin foil. During the eclipse, you'll be able to see the moon pass over the sun!

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