Late season cold snap sweeps across Nevada

Northwest Reno First Snow.jpg

Today, we recorded the coldest temperature of the season -- #Brrr.

It’s going to be unusually cold this week… but do we have a chance to touch any cold records?

NOPE! Still going to be cold, but hey -- it could be worse.

Check out the records for this week for lowest max temp; while we will be cold, we will still be 10 degrees off from any cold records.

Breaking cold records in Reno is tough. While we easily hit heat records, we’ve only broken a lowest minimum temp (overnight low) temperature twice since 2000.

Records for cold in the afternoon (lowest max temp) is a little different -- we’ve done it a couple dozen or more times since 2000, but these temps mainly occur in the spring and fall not during the winter.

Last time we broke a cold record in the afternoon (lowest max temp) was November 26, 2015… so, it’s been more than 2 years!

Last time we broke a heat record in the afternoon: January 30, 2018… so, 20 days.

Stay warm this week, and be glad it’s not 1897!

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