Miles BuerginNews Reporter / Forecaster

Connect With Miles Buergin

Miles Buergin joined the News 4-Fox 11 team as a news editor in August of 2015. Since then, he has worked his way up through the ranks as a photographer and a multimedia journalist.

Miles is no stranger to Nevada. Born in Reno, raised in Incline Village, and a graduate from the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, he is as native of a Nevadan as they come.

In the years he has been on staff, Miles has used his passion for storytelling to help cover breaking news, severe weather, the Nevada legislature, and human-interest stories.

Currently, Miles has been putting together a historical heritage series about the unique past and present of the silver state in his Knowing Nevada segment. These stories include historical landmarks, places, and various customs that make this state a world of its own.

The stories Miles has enjoyed covering the most include a Sparks woman who crochets sleeping mats for homeless people using plastic grocery bags, an amputee who creates prosthetics, and an in-depth investigative piece on the mysteries of the Nevada Triangle.

While not at work, you can find Miles enjoying outdoors with some fishing, hiking, and walking his dog Penelope, spending time with his close-friends and family, or traveling the Silver State finding inspiration for his next Knowing Nevada piece.

If you have any suggestions or story ideas, you can email Miles, tweet at him, or reach him by Facebook.