Melissa MatheneyProducer-Reporter

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A California native, Melissa Matheney made northern Nevada her home when she moved to Reno to study at UNR's Reynolds School of Journalism. While attending college, Melissa honed her skills at News 4 as the associate producer for the morning newscast. Her days started early (alarm set to 1 a.m. early) and her cups of coffee were endless as she typed away to get the show written before 5 a.m.

After graduation, Melissa followed her love of winter sports and took a position in Public Relations at one of Tahoe's most recognized ski resorts. But, after several years, her heart brought her back to broadcast journalism. She says she is passionate about working for the good of the public and fully understands the immense responsibility involved in the work of a journalist.

"Every day working in news is incredibly fulfilling. For some, the responsibility of being a journalist is daunting, but it propels me. Knowing the significance of what I do pushes me to find answers and tell stories the public will benefit from," Melissa says.

Melissa feels blessed to be a part of the northern Nevada community. She is an avid snowboarder and enjoys the abundant outdoor recreation in Tahoe. In the winter, she's snowboarding at Mt. Rose. In the summer, she kayaking on one of her favorite lakes or hiking with her husband Kyle and their two dogs.

"I love to be in the mountains and breathe the fresh, crisp (and sometimes really thin!) air. It is invigorating and reminds me of my place in this world," she says.

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