Dolan Top Five: 11/14/16

Dolan Top Five

5. Reno at Damonte Ranch

The Mustangs holding no prisoners on the first possession of the game. Fourth and goal and they go for it. Ryan Riggle is wide open and Damonte takes a 7-0 lead.

4. Spring Mountain at Virginia City

Christian Talbot sneaks in and scoops up an interception. It’s not quite enough though as the Muckers fall in the 1A semis 49-44.

3. Reno at Damonte Ranch

Cade McNamara out here torching Reno’s defense. He hits Dru Jacobs for his second touchdown of the evening. Mustangs take a 21-0 lead.

2. Douglas at Reed

The Reed Raiders’ Cameron Emerson sitting back in the pocket and finds tight end Grant Cotter for the over the shoulder catch. Reed rolls winning 47-7.

1. Reno at Damonte Ranch

Now what about Jacobs first touchdown of the evening? Emerson lofts one up, and Jacobs is able to shake his defender on the way to six. It’s a 45 yard touchdown and Damonte cruises winning 21-6.

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