Exploring OUR Backyard: Rolling through Moon Rocks on UTVs

    Exploring Our Backyard - July 21, 2016

    On any given weekend in northern Nevada, it’s a familiar scene: dozens of locals gathered for a group ride up at Moon Rocks, a popular off-roading area north of Reno.

    It’s a community that all shares a love for UTVs, or Ultimate Terrain Vehicles.

    "Behind the wheel of a UTV there's nothing like it. [You can go as] fast as you wanna go, or slow as you wanna go—these put it out."

    From downtown Reno, you’re looking at about a 45-minute drive north along Pyramid Highway to get to Moon Rocks.

    Moon Rocks is a fantastic location to bring the family out to do a little UTV riding or ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) riding. It offers a lot of different terrain; and it's right in our backyard.

    For veteran riders of the area, or newcomers like Tamara and Carl Adams, Moon Rocks provides a lot of thrills.

    "There [were] a couple of times when we started to get to going [and said], ‘Oh, we’re not going to make it!’ You just inch your way; it was just such a fun day."

    Though there are differences between a UTV and your standard ATV quad, current models of both vehicles are of now much safer than before.

    "These cars are now much safer. All parts of the family [can] to drive and enjoy every level of it."

    Moon Rocks is one of many spots to enjoy this activity in our area, but there’s also a distinct draw because of the region’s beauty and historic significance.

    "You can cover so much ground so fast on the West Coast. [There are] so many historical landmarks [and it’s a] great way to see it, right here in northern Nevada."

    If you want to take one of these UTVs for a spin, UTV Addiction has you covered.

    Rentals start at just $300 for a full eight-hour day.

    Other popular destinations include Sand Mountain, Lake Tahoe, and the Rubicon Trail.

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