Minden's Mike Mason to perform at Nitro Circus in Reno

Mason is a 7x X Games gold medalist.

The Nitro Circus is coming to town this week… And when it does it will feature one local who is wrapping up his career in motocross.

"I’ve probably only done two or three shows here so to be here in Reno and to bring the Nitro Circus, the all new Next Level Tour here, is amazing," said Minden native Mike Mason.

Mike Mason is a seven-time X Games medalist, a four-time X Games gold medalist, and one of two people ever to win multiple golds in the X Games’ speed and style event.

However, getting to perform in front of people in his hometown is still special to him.

"It was a long journey. Feels like it snapped by right now. Got a bike when I was four. Went riding out in the hill out here in BLM land and as freestyle started to progress just kind of kept up with it. We have a pit down there in Gardnerville started riding that learning back flips. Now I’m touring the world with the Nitro Circus."

It’s been quite an adventure for the freestyle motocross rider from, and he’s managed to enjoy it every step of the way.

"A lot of my teachers in school back in the day would have told me there was no way I was ever doing anything with a motorcycle so it’s cool. I’ve never taken it for granted. Every time I’ve gone somewhere I’ve made sure to get the most of my experience. Being able to ride my motorcycle in front of five to twenty thousand fans is pretty cool."

Mason will turn 37 this summer, which means his motocross career is starting to wind down.

That makes Friday’s event even more special for him.

"I’m probably on my last leg of my career here and to be able to finish out my career with a show in Reno is awesome, especially a show the caliber of the Nitro Circus. We’re not just doing some fairgrounds show. This is a full production and I’m really excited to be a part of it."

The Nitro Circus starts at 6:30 on Friday at Greater Nevada field. Tickets start at 29 dollars and go up to 79 dollars if you’d like to sit in the VIP section. You can find purchase tickets here.

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