McQueen's Kolb makes a name for himself in the North 4A

Kolb is the number three running back in terms of yardage in the North 4A.

"It's tough having a coach as a parent, and a running back, and your uncle played running back for him. So it adds up but he handles it really well," said Nevada running backs coach David White.

That sentence has a lot of layers, and so does JD Kolb's story.

"When I got out here, they all showed me love, and show me I was one of them," said Kolb on his recent move to the Silver State.

How Kolb got to Reno actually started over a decade ago.

That's when David White coached JD's uncle and now NFL star DeMarco Murray at Bishop Gorman.

Fast forward a few years later and Murray asked his former coach if he would take JD in.

"He's part of the family," said White of JD. "He really is. Everybody's had issues in their family. I've had issues with mine back in the day. For us to be there for him and help him out any way we can is pretty big."

So when White was offered to coach the running backs this season at Nevada, JD moved with him.

"It's really fun because I get to go to the games and some of the practices," said Kolb. "He takes care of me a lot and I respect him a lot."

The move has been good for Kolb on the field.

He's the number three running back in the North 4A behind the state's top two running backs in Abel Carter and Peyton Dixon.

"I've seen how different programs work and I think this is one of the best ones because everybody's one. I like that," said Kolb.

And his teammates definitely feel he is one with them.

"He's the real deal," said McQueen quarterback Matt White. "It's great seeing a new kid come in and just light it up like that."

"Having JD come in has been great," said linebacker Hunter Matthews. "Great running back, great kid. Mixes in well with us. We all love him."

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