Joel Bitonio ready to join forces once again with Austin Corbett

Bitonio and Corbett will both play for the Cleveland Browns next season.

"I was pretty pumped up. I knew the team like him. I knew he was probably going in that range somewhere, but to have him come to Cleveland with me is pretty cool."

Joel Bitonio was as excited as any Nevada fan on Friday when Austin Corbett was selected by the Cleveland Browns.

"I remember when he was a 240 pound walk on and it just shows his character as a parson," said Bitonio. "He's going to come and he's going to work. He's going to try to be the best he can. It's really all paid off. He's had a perfect off season coming into the draft. Me personally, I think he landed in a great spot."

The ironic thing is is that Joel actually ran into Austin the morning before he was drafted, and the idea that the two could become teammates was never brought up in conversation.

"I guess it could always happen, but for some reason I didn't think it was a possibility... It ended up being Cleveland. It was more shocking than anything."

When Austin starts practicing in Cleveland, he'll be participating in an offensive line now led by Joel with long time Browns lineman Joe Thomas retiring this summer. Bitonio says he's ready for the challenge.

"Yeah, it's an exciting time. I'm the longest tenured guy on that o-line with Joe out, and it kind of falls onto your shoulders. We have a good room though. There's going to be a few guys who will help out in that process, but I'll for sure take any leadership role they need me to and help get the best line out there possible."

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