Iowa State prepares for the Pack

Iowa State prepares for the Pack

"They’re good. They’re very good."

Iowa State Head Coach Steve Prohm had some serious praise for Nevada on this morning’s Big 12 conference call.

"You don’t win 28 games, go 28-6, win your regular season championship, and your conference tournament championship without having really good players and also having a very, very good coach," said Prohm.

He had also done a bit of homework on Nevada since last night.

"You've got to do a great job defending Oliver and Marshall but they’ve got more than those guys. They have four guys averaging right around 15 points or more, so obviously they are a team we have to prepare for and be really locked in. We’re going to have to play very well to beat them."

Iowa State and Nevada are very similar teams. Both rely heavily on the three, with Iowa State shooting 40% from beyond the arc and Nevada shooting 38.5% from beyond the arc, and both average 80 or more points per game. But Coach Prohm pointed to one Nevada player as a key difference.

"They have a five man that can make threes. The biggest difference is Oliver. They have a guy like Oliver. We don’t have a guy similar to him."

He also pointed to Iowa State’s much deeper bench.

"We play eight guys. You look at their team they really play two guys off the bench it looks like. I think their starters are really the core of their team if you just look statistically at their team. But it’s tournament play. You’re not worried about fatigue. You’re worried about winning so you’re going to have your best players out there."

Speaking of winning, a lot of analysts have picked the Pack to upset the Cyclones, which doesn’t seem to ruffle Coach Prohm’s feathers.

"I think everybody’s picking them, and not just picking them, but picking them to make a great run. That’s fine. We haven’t gotten a lot of attention all season to be honest. You look around I think everyone is picking them and, you know, we gotta go play now."

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