Two Cents: Back to School

    Reno, NV - It’s the end of summer for students and that means back to school and the return to routines and responsibilities.

    According to a Junior Achievement Survey*, 89 percent of parents report their children learned about finances from them. Nevada State Bank is here to help!

    Start teaching your children healthy savings habits early. At Nevada State Bank we offer a Young Savers account. With a minimum deposit of $5, students can start saving for a goal.

    For a working teenager, try a Student Checking account which typically has no monthly maintenance fee but requires an adult co-signer. This gives children an opportunity to manage a checking account.

    At Nevada State Bank, we also offer ONBUDGET, this account is perfect for teens who prefer using their mobile phone to deposit checks, send money, and bank remotely. There are no overdraft fees. OnBudget offers all the benefits of a checking account, without paper checks.

    Talk to any of our bankers about student banking options that fit your needs. At Nevada State Bank, we believe It Matters Who You Bank With.

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