On Your Side: Reno man says DMV mix-up landed him in jail


    Mike Dalrymple says he's worked hard to turn his life around.

    "I had a son coming and I knew I needed to get my act together," he told us.

    Getting his act together included clearing up some issues with the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles.

    Dalrypmle says he paid all of his oustanding fines in 2011 to get his legal identification reinstated there.

    But he says, it took the Oregon DMV four more years to straighten out its own records which it finally did.

    Mike received a letter a year from the DMV a year and a half ago, confirming that.

    "It says on November 22, 2016, that the DMV corrected their error and the suspensions were rescinded," he explained.

    Great news, except the mix-ups have continued here in Nevada he says.

    "I was put in cuffs, dragged into a squad car," he recalled.

    Mike's been arrested twice and even thrown in jail for driving on a revoked license. Revoked, he says, because the Nevada DMV still considers his Oregon license to be suspended. He says that has triggered the revocation here. Even though as that letter he has shows the Oregon suspension was lifted more than a year ago.

    Dalrymple says the Nevada DMV refuses to help him sort this out.

    "They will not fix it," he said. "They say I need to go through the courts to fix it."

    But the courts say its a DMV issue. Dalrymple says he's caught in the middle.

    He says he's done everything he needs to do clear his name. Now he just wants the system to recognize that. Before the issue lands him in jail again.

    Mike was emotional as he talked about the frustration this has caused him.

    "Stuff like this, communication between courts, DMV's, charging me is not cool. It really upsets me."

    We did hear back from Kevin Malone, spokesman for the Nevada DMV. He says he can't speak to us in detail about Mike's case because of privacy issues but he says his license was suspended because of multiple violations here in Nevada. Dalrymple still insists all of this stems from that Oregon case. As we learn more, we'll follow up to get to the bottom of it.

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