On Your Side: NHP employee cited one month after pile-up on I-580

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News 4 has uncovered new details about a 34 car pile-up on Interstate 580 in February near the Galena Bridge.

New video provided to us by a viewer shows one of the vehicles involved in the crash slamming into other cars on a frozen stretch of I-580.

It turns out that vehicle, a white truck towing a trailer, is a Nevada Highway Patrol vehicle which was clearly sliding out of control.

Another driver, who did not want to be identified, tells News 4 she suffered a broken bone in her face and spinal injuries when the NHP vehicle slammed into her car.

NHP was quick to point out at the time that along with the slick conditions, motorists driving too fast for the conditions contributed to the pile-up that day.

Despite that, the driver of the NHP truck was not cited the day of the crash.

Six other drivers were cited on scene as we had previously reported. Four of them were cited for excessive speed.

It wasn't until one month after the crash, and several phone calls and emails from News 4 to the Nevada Highway Patrol, that NHP announced its own employee had been cited for excessive speed.

The NHP declined to speak on camera for this story but they tell us their employee was not cited at the scene that day because the case had to be reviewed by top command staff as part of a crash review board.

But again, no one at NHP would go on camera to explain that process.

The agency has not released the name of the driver involved. But an NHP spokesman insists investigators on the scene followed policy and did not give their employee any special treatment. Even though the other drivers who were cited, were cited immediately.

The extra time involved is all part of the normal process and protocol when an employee is involved, according to the Highway Patrol.

NHP tells us they started their investigation into their employee once they received that video of the crash. As for whether that employee will face any discipline besides the speeding ticket, NHP would not say.

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