83-year-old Reno man falls victim to mail fraud, loses life savings

Bobby Flood (SBG)

It happens all too often -- senior citizens put their trust into someone else's hands and end up getting taken advantage of.

That's exactly what happened to one Reno man who lost his life savings while living in a retirement home.

During a recent trip to the bank, 83-year-old Bobby Flood was told that there were multiple payments coming out of his account.

The payments added up to $190,000.

Simply put, Flood's life savings had vanished, says Amanda Arrascada, Flood's payee and financial caretaker.

"He does have mild dementia, so he didn't quite understand the severity of the issue," Arrascada told us. "But he did know that something was wrong."

Reno Police Detectives discovered Angela Fischer, the business manager at Reno Valley Assisted Living Center, had drained Flood's account after getting access to his financial information.

According to court documents, Fischer even changed his password to make it easier to draw money from his accounts.

Fischer was charged with 19 counts of burglary, 19 additional counts of felony theft, and elder exploitation.

Reno Police conducted a thorough investigation, but along the way the case was transferred from the Washoe County District Attorney to the US Attorney's Office.

At that point, the elder exploitation charge was dropped and Fischer was let out of jail while she awaits trial. She was not even required to post bail.

The DA's office told us the case was handed off to the feds because it involves several out of state banking transactions. But in the federal system, there is no charge for elder enhancement, so that was dropped when the case was handed over.

As for why Fischer was let out of jail? The US Attorney's Office declined to answer that question.

However, Fischer is now charged with one count of mail fraud that carries a maximum sentence of 20 years.

A spokesman for Reno Valley Assisted Living Center told us Fischer was fired from her job for "performance reasons."

He told us they are saddened by what has happened and they are hoping for swift justice in this case.

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