Why are crews doing more prescribed burns in Little Valley Fire area?

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From the Ask Joe file, there's been some smoke spotted in the area of the Little Valley Fire this week, and it's definitely getting some of our viewers' attention.

One of them, Janelle, who lives on the West side of Washoe Valley, called up this week to say she noticed smoke nearby. She wants to know where it's coming from.

Here's what I found out:

I checked around and confirmed the U.S. Forest Service is doing pile burning in south Reno and Washoe Valley, which includes the Little Valley Fire area.

Naaman Horn with the Forest Service office in Las Vegas says crews are burning brush and branches to minimize the wildfire danger. This is the area where 24 homes burned when a prescribed burn got out of control in October of last year.

But Horn says there are still areas where the brush needs to be cleared in that area.

It was a different agency, the Nevada Division of Forestry, that was in charge of the controlled burn last year.

Horn says this burning started on Monday this week and will continue through the week, weather permitting.

Our viewer Janelle says she wasn't even notified that this was going on this week, but the Forest Service says they did post notices about the burn to let residents in the area know about it.

But if you see smoke in that area this week, that is most likely where it is coming from. Again, it is part of the ongoing effort to reduce fire danger.

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