Ask Joe: What happened to Virginia Lake swan?


Friday's Ask Joe question: Kim Churchfield wants to know about a popular feature that's gone missing lately at Virginia Lake, the popular swan. She says it's a beautiful bird and its been missing for several weeks.

Here's what I found out:

The swan is a domestic swan that someone released into Virginia Lake a few years ago. The Nevada Division of Wildlife does not track because it's a domestic animal but when I asked it about it recently they told found a notice that had been posted on craigslist saying the swan had been picked up because it was not in good health. The person who took it in took it to a vet who then turned it over to a wildlife rehabilitation expert. No names were given in the Craigslist post so this is about all we know.

Apparently the swan had been underfed for quite a while and was malnourished. So whoever has it is working on helping the bird get its strength back so that hopefully it can return to Virginia Lake.

Based on the number of questions we've received this swan was a pretty popular figure at Virginia Lake and is definitely missed. Hopefully we'll have an update with better news in the near future!

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