Ask Joe: Will ice skating rink ever be moved back to Reno's City Plaza?

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From the Ask Joe file, we are looking into a question about the downtown ice skating rink.

One of our viewers asked about the rink, something I've also been wondering about.

That is, is the skating rink is ever going to be moved back to the City Plaza, or is it always going to be at Greater Nevada Field?

Here's what I found out:

The skating rink has opened for the season at Greater Nevada Field. The city of Reno moved the rink a couple of years ago from City Plaza because they needed the space for construction of the new Virginia Street Bridge.

I checked with Matt Brown at City Hall about this. He says the city entered into a one-year lease agreement in July this year, basically extending the previous lease agreement for another year.

That means the people who run the baseball stadium will once again take over operation of the skating rink for the winter.

In the meantime, city staff will be assessing future potential uses for the City Plaza. Next spring, the city will conduct a survey to find out which location the public prefers for the ice rink: City Plaza, the baseball stadium or maybe another location.

It's worth pointing out the city is giving up revenue by leasing out the rink to the baseball stadium folks. The last time the Rink on the River was in operation, the rink brought in $292,000 in gross revenue.

Expenses were $182,000, which made for a net profit of $110,000. So that's money the city is giving up every year that it does not operate the rink.

Again, this is something the City Council wants to get more feedback about before moving forward with a long-term plan for the rink. Look for that survey to be done in the spring, and we'll be sure to let you know at that time how you can get involved and have your say.

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