Ask Joe: Why was Pyramid/McCarran roadway so icy after snow hit?

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Wednesday's morning commute was pretty dicey in certain areas, and as a follow-up, we're addressing a question from a viewer about the conditions out by the Pyramid/McCarran intersection.

John wrote in to say the new intersection did not handle the snow and ice well.

He says the asphalt was a literal ice skating rink and was far more slippery than any other road in the area.

John wants to know if there is a way to get the city to look into this.

Heres's what I found out:

It was very slow going on that stretch of Pyramid Way after the snow fell. We got a look at some dash cam video one of our photographers was able to get.

You can see in our video the road was covered in ice and the cars are just crawling along there. This was happening just north of the Pyramid/McCarran interchange, coming down from Queen Way.

A day later, things had cleared up for the most part, but what was going on out there? I checked with Meg Ragonese over at NDOT about this, since they're in charge of snow removal.

Ragonese says the new asphalt surface contains large and small rocks and voids, which are designed to create more friction and improve drainage. That's how its designed to work anyway.

This storm came in during the early morning hours, and when storms hit during the commute hour, all the cars tend to pack the snow down, leading to icy and slick conditions. That may have been what happened this week.

In any case, NDOT says they will be reviewing the drainage situation during the next storm to see if any changes need to be made. It may have been an unavoidable situation due to the timing of the storm and the busy morning commute, but they'll be studying it to find out.

In the meantime, take it slow. Especially when we see conditions like we saw this week.

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