Ask Joe: Why was Mccarran Bridge inspected in March? Is it safe?


Tuesday's Ask Joe question: Kristi Maxwell wants to know why crews were recently out inspecting the Mccarran Bridge over the Truckee River near Mayberry Drive?

Here's what i found out:

Kristi says inspectors were taking a close look at the bridge one day while she was driving over it.

It turns out NDOT is in charge of inspecting local bridges like the one on south Mccarran over the Truckee River and that is exactly what our viewer saw.

I checked with Meg Ragonese at NDOT and she says their crews did do a routine inspection back on march 20th. NDOT inspects the bridges every two years per federal requirements. The last inspection from 2016 showed the bridge piers are in "good" condition and the bridge span itself is considered to be in "satisfactory" condition.

So no word yet on the results from the latest inspection last month. But NDOT says the visual inspection did not turn up any concerns. Once the report is finished we'll have a better idea as to whether any improvements or updates are needed to the bridge. We'll follow up when that information is available. But for now, the bridge is considered safe and there's no cause for alarm.

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