Ask Joe: Why was Douglas County Mounted Patrol disbanded?

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Monday's Ask Joe question: Tod wants to know why a member of the Douglas County Mounted Patrol was cited for trying to break up a fight at last year's Genoa Candy Dance?

Here's what I found out:

This is an interesting case and there appear to be some differing versions of what happened the the Candy Dance last September. There was a fight that broke out at the Genoa Candy Dance and a 19 year old man ended up pepper spraying one of the people involved according to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office says the 19 year old was not a member of the Mounted Patrol but he was with a friend who was part of that volunteer group. That group was there to help keep an eye on peoples' belongings during the Candy Dance.

I spoke with Douglas County Undersheriff Paul Howell and he says the young man's actions were "beyond the scope of his responsibilities," and Howell says "he did not act in a reasonable manner."

The man who was sprayed filed a complaint and the Sheriff's office conducted its own investigation.

Its interesting to note the sheriff's office disbanded its Mounted Patrol shortly after this incident in September of 2017. Howell says there have been some other incidents as well. But, he says after more than 30 years, the Sheriff's Office decided it no longer wants to be affiliated with the Mounted Patrol volunteer group. Meantime the case involving the fight last September is now headed to court.

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