Ask Joe: Why no mail delivery at UNR apartment complex?

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    One of our viewers, a UNR graduate student, reached out to ask why he can't get mail delivery at his apartment complex on campus?

    The viewer asked that we not use his name. He lives at the Ponderosa Village Apartments on Evans Avenue. He says there is no mail delivery and there are no mailboxes at the apartment. He wants to know how students like him are supposed to get their mail?

    Here's what I found out:

    The Ponderosa Village Apartments are owned by a private developer but they are on university property so it is a public-private partnership that oversees the complex. There are no mail boxes on the property. I checked with Toby Toland, the assistant director for residential life at UNR to get some answers.

    Toland says the Ponderosa Village is student housing primarily for graduate students. When it was built the decision was made not add mailboxes as a way to save tenants a little money on their rent.

    But the trade-off is students have to spend $50 dollars a month to get a post office box.

    However, Toland says after some discussions plans are now in the works to add mailboxes at the complex so that students can get their mail delivered where they live.

    It is not cheap. The mailboxes will cost about $15,000 to install. Toland says the plans are in the works and they hope to have them completed before the start of the fall semester. Ideally that would mean this spring or summer. So there is a solution, you'll just have to wait a little longer for it to actually happen.

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