Ask Joe: Why is water backing up on Double R Boulevard?

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From the Ask Joe file, a question tonight about a possible case of water waste that is getting a lot of people's attention.

One of our viewers, Sandy, called up asking why there is so much water backing up and running down the street along Double R Boulevard in South Reno.

Sandy says she's noticed it for weeks and wonders why nothing is being done about it, so she turned to us.

We went and checked it out for ourselves and there is a lot of water backing up. This is where Double R crosses Double Diamond Parkway.

The water is backing up in in this parking lot, and one of the employees at a business there says people have been stopping and coming in to their business demanding to know what's going on.

Well, when we showed up there was a crew from Reno Green Landscaping, and they found a big beaver dam clogging up the creek behind the businesses. The landscapers believe that is what has been causing the water to back up into the street.

So they got to work dismantling that beaver dam and hopefully that will take care of the problem. I also spoke with Andy Gephardt at TMWA, who confirmed it is creek water and not municipal water that's been backing up through the storm drain there.

It's definitely a lot of water though, and lot of residents and business owners have been scratching their heads over this one. Hopefully we finally have an answer as to what's going on there and the water will recede once that beaver dam is removed.

Thanks to Sandy for noticing the water backing up. If you have any questions or notice something that doesn't look right, send me an email at and I'll see if I can find the answers you are looking for.

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