Ask Joe: Why is trash piling up inside apartment complex?

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Thursday's Ask Joe question: Erin wants to know why trash is piling up inside her apartment complex in Sparks?

Here's what I found out:

Erin sent us some pictures showing boxes and bags of trash that have been piling up inside the building. Erin says this has been going on for about two weeks and she's pretty frustrated.

We made a couple of phone calls to management at Square One. The first two people I spoke to hung up on me and were not interested in talking about this situation. However, we got a quick response. The very next day all of the garbage appeared to have been picked up and the management company sent us photos as proof. Their spokesperson Shannon Diehl called it a misstep that never should have happened.

Square One is the old Silver Club by the way on C Street in downtown Sparks. It is a relatively new property and management says they take a lot of pride in the condition of the complex. They do have trash chutes inside the apartment and those chutes do get blocked from time to time but Diehl says the staff needs to do a better of job of responding when that happens and she says they will in the future.

So thanks to Erin for bringing up that question and I'm glad the situation has been resolved!

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