Ask Joe: Why is traffic still backing up at Pyramid and McCarran?


From the Ask Joe file, we are looking into a question about traffic at a local intersection that was recently reconstructed from top to bottom.

Kelly Goch Lamantia wrote in to ask why traffic is still backing up at the new Pyramid and McCarran Interchange.

Kelly says traffic is still backing up at McCarran, Roberta and York streets, and she should know because she was caught up in it.

Here's what I found out:

Our viewer Kelly sent us a photo showing traffic very backed up around 7 a.m., so that seems to be one of the peak traffic periods.

So why is this still happening when RTC just spent $70 million to rebuild the entire intersection, with the goal of making traffic flow more smoothly? I checked with Lauren Ball at RTC about this.

They are working on re-timing the traffic signals at that intersection and surrounding intersections right now. Ball says they re-timed the signals during the construction, and now that it's done, they have to study the new traffic patterns and re-time the signals based on how people are driving and when they are driving.

So it's quite a time-consuming process to time those lights. They'll be finished in the next few weeks. They just have to gather a lot of information first before they can actually do the re-timing.

Also, all of the traffic cones out there at Pyramid and McCarran will be gone by Thanksgiving weekend.

So be patient -- traffic should be flowing more smoothly in a few weeks!

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