Ask Joe: Why is traffic still backed-up at Rock Blvd and Glendale Ave?

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From the Ask Joe file, we are looking into a question about traffic and road construction, popular topics this time of year.

One of our viewers, John Owens, wrote in asking why traffic is still reduced to one lane in each direction on Rock Boulevard at the intersection of Rock and Glendale.

Owens says it looks like the construction is done, so he wants to know why traffic isn't back to normal.

Here's what I found out:

We stopped by to take a look. Traffic on Rock Boulevard was still down to one lane each way, and it was creating a back-up.

I checked with Meg Ragonese at NDOT about this. She says construction at this intersection is about 80 percent complete. Right now they're working to replace the concrete medians, and then Rock and Glendale will be back to two lanes in each direction in about two weeks.

Traffic is being directed by a four-way stop. Ragonese says they have worked to get this project done as fast as possible, but of course traffic impacts are inevitable when you're doing that much work on such a busy intersection.

Again, two more weeks, weather permitting. And then all of those lanes on Rock at Glendale should be back open with traffic back to normal!

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