Ask Joe: Why is there no highway wind warning for North Valleys?


From the Ask Joe file, we are looking into a question about traffic when we have windy weather like we saw this weekend.

Michelle Butler, who is a neighborhood leader up in Cold Springs, who wrote in asking why are there no high wind advisories posted in the North Valleys? Michelle says she's seen plenty of rollovers in that area. She says traffic restrictions would help.

There were a couple of rollover accidents along that stretch over the weekend. NHP says two semi trucks blew over and there were a couple of minor crashes as well. I spoke with Meg Ragonese at NDOT about this. They did post a warning about the wind dangers near the Spaghetti Bowl to give drivers a heads-up and to let them know that at certain times trucks were either prohibited or not advised up north.

That messaging system will change next year. NDOT is planning on putting up 10 electronic message boards like the one that's already up in Washoe Valley to warn drivers about dangerous conditions in places like Stead, Lemmon Valley, Cold Springs and Red Rock.

They are also working on installing weather monitoring stations and wrong-way driver detection systems on that stretch north of the Spaghetti Bowl.

In the meantime, keep in mind that area up north does tend to be a wind prone area and conditions can change in a hurry.

While a better warning system is on the way NDOT says it's also up to drivers to make the appropriate safety decisions and also to drive at speeds that are safe for the conditions.

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