Ask Joe: Why is traffic still backing up at new Pyramid interchange?

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One of our viewers has a question about all the work that was done recently to revamp the Pyramid/McCarran intersection in Sparks.

L. Andrews wrote in to ask why would the city put so much money into redoing the intersection of Pyramid and McCarran to help traffic flow and then put a signal on Pyramid right before MCcarran, which holds up morning traffic.

Here's what I found out:

RTC is putting the finishing touches on a major reconstruction project at Pyramid and McCarran that costs $70 million altogether.

Our viewer is right -- there is a traffic signal at Roberta Way, just a few feet away from the new intersection.

Lauren Ball with the Regional Transportation Commission says the signal at Roberta is needed to let drivers get safely in and out of the shopping center that's right there on that block.

Is it slowing down traffic? It sounds like it could be.

Ball says engineers are working to improve timing at all of the traffic signals in the Pyramid/McCarran area, including at Roberta Way, so traffic flow should improve in that area in the coming weeks.

Again, that signal may look a little out of place with the newly revamped intersection so close to it, but it does serve a purpose from a safety standpoint.

The overall construction project at Pyramid and McCarran is expected to wrap up by the end of the month. Until then, try to be patient as crews work to get those signals in sync.

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