Ask Joe: Why different prices at different Walgreens stores?

Ask Joe: Why are there different prices at different Walgreens in Reno?

From the Ask Joe file, one of our viewers has a question about the cost of prescription drugs.

Lori called up this week wanting to know why she was charged two very different amounts for prescription medication at two different Walgreens stores in town.

She says one store charged her $44 while the other charged her $135. She says she purchased the same medication at each store.

Lori says she first went to the Walgreens at Moana and South Virginia, where she was charged $135.00. She then went to the Walgreens up on N. Virginia Street (the store over Interstate 80) a month later and was charged only $44.

She even brought in her receipts to show us the different stores and the different amounts.

Here's what I found out:

It does look like the prescription numbers on the receipts are different, but again, Lori says she bought the same thing -- 330 methadone pills for her pain management.

I reached out to Walgreens about this. A store manager here in Reno said the price differences could be due to meeting an insurance or Medicaid deductible. But he couldn't say for sure. I also spoke to Phil Caruso with Walgreens corporate communications department.

He told me he is looking into it but it couldn't get any answers for us Wednesday.

So there could be a good explanation or maybe there was a mistake. Either way, Walgreens is checking into it for us and we'll follow up as soon as we have some answers for you.

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