Ask Joe: Why did it take three months to turn gas on after apartment fire?

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From the Ask Joe file, one of our viewers is upset and concerned about the utilities getting turned off at his apartment complex for an extended period of time.

William Fisher, one of the residents at the Lansdowne Apartments on Sullivan Lane in Sparks, wrote in to ask why it took three months to get the gas turned back on after a fire broke out there in June.

Here's what I found out:

The fire broke out at that apartment on June 24. I called the apartment complex to ask them about this, and whoever it was in the office who answered the phone hung up on me.

That's okay, I have a thick skin!

After that, I went over to check it out myself and the managers in the office agreed to talk to me.

They told me they started on the job the day after the fire. No word on what happened to the last manager. But the current managers told me they were not aware the gas was still off until some residents started to complain about it recently as the temperatures started to dip a little.

The managers say they offered space heaters to those who were impacted. The gas is back on now, which is good news.

So it sounds like the turnover among office staff at the apartment complex led to the delay in getting the gas turned back on.

It is all back to normal now. There are many buildings in that complex. It is a 16-unit building that was impacted by the fire, and two of the units are still uninhabitable.

The new managers say if any residents do have questions they should feel free to stop by the office and they'll be happy to help you.

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