Ask Joe: Why can't part of the SE Connector Road be opened now?

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Thursday's Ask Joe question: Viewer Terry Ferree asks why can't they open up the first phase of the Southeast Connector Road since it's been finished for several years? Terry says it would really help residents like him who live in Hidden Valley.

I checked with Lauren Ball at the Regional Transportation Commission about this.

The Southeast Connector is set to open this summer.

Phase One has been done since July of 2014. That's the section starting out at Sparks Boulevard over to Clean Water Way. Pembroke Way is a few miles down from Clean Water. Could that stretch be opened up now? Ball says for the safety of crews and the public they're keeping it closed because the area is still considered an active construction zone.

That paved section in Sparks including the new bridge over Steamboat Creek is being used as an access road for crews working on the rest of the project so they don't have to disturb neighbors too much.

So be patient, the goal is to open up the new road before the Fourth of July if all goes well and the weather cooperates.

RTC says they will open the entire road all at once rather than opening up it up in sections.

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