Ask Joe: Why aren't police saying more about New Year's Day death investigation?


From the Ask Joe file, we're looking into a question about a murder investigation that has some people wondering what's going on.

One of our viewers, Denise, wrote in to say she lives in the Wild Creek condos near where a man was found dead on New Year's Day.

Denise says there are a lot of rumors going around and she wants to know if it's safe to be there.

Here's what I found out:

There is a homicide investigation underway after a man was found dead at an apartment complex on the 3900 block of Clearacre.

Reno police say John Kent Lovely was found dead in his apartment, but they haven't said much more than that and they have not said how he was killed.

I checked with RPD and Lt. Zack Thew, and I told him residents are concerned about what happened and would like some answers.

Thew says there have been significant developments in the case, but he can't tell us what they are. He says they should be able to release more information by either Saturday or Monday of next week on where the investigation stands.

So, unfortunately, that's all we can report, but you know what we know at this point. Detectives are being tight-lipped about this case, but at least we know that more information will be released soon.

In the meantime, there is a $2,500 reward for information on this case. You can call secret witness at 322-4900.

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