Ask Joe: Why are Mt. Rose restrooms still closed?

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    If you happen to be hiking or maybe in the near future sledding up at the Mount Rose Summit you may notice the public restrooms are still out of order up there on the mountain.

    That's our Ask Joe question. Our viewer Jim Richardson wrote in pointing out the restrooms at the Mount Rose Summit have been closed for two years now. Jim wants to know if they are going to be reopened anytime soon?

    Here's what I found out:

    The public restrooms up on the summit are fairly new and they are nice facilities. Unfortunately they were damaged during our heavy snowfall in early 2017 and they've been closed ever since. The restrooms are operated by the Forest Service and unfortunately the money for repairs isn't something that was budgeted so they are trying to find the money now to get them repaired.

    I checked with Erica Hupp with the Forest Service and she says funding has been requested through the Forest Service National Capital Improvement Project for the coming fiscal year. So in the next couple of months the folks in Washington D.C. will decide which projects will be funded.

    In the meantime there are Porta-Potties that have been placed up there at the summit to accommodate the public. So those will have to do. With the extent of damage up there I would think it's going to be a while even if the funds are approved before those restrooms are up and working again.

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