Ask Joe: Who put up 'no trespassing' signs at old D'Andrea Golf Course in Sparks?


From the Ask Joe file, a question tonight about the closed down D'Andrea Golf Course, which has become quite an eyesore in recent years.

One of our viewers, Josh Thompson, wrote in saying over the past week or so, "no trespassing" signs have been placed along the D'Andrea Golf Course fairways. Josh wants to know why the area is suddenly off limits.

We went out and took a look Wednesday, and yes, there are "no trespassing" signs posted all along the golf course. We saw them next to the Fourth fairway along D'Andrea Parkway.

Julie Duewel with the city of Sparks informed me the city did not put up the signs.

I also checked with Randi Thompson with D'Andrea Rising, the group that had been working to purchase the golf course property. Thompson says their plans have fallen through and they are no longer under contract to purchase the property.

Apparently, the next people in line to buy the golf course put up the signs so that no one gets injured. There was a recent incident where a dog fell into a hole on the golf course and got hurt.

Rick Gardner, president of the HOA at D'Andrea, says the golf course is still private property, not a common area, so the people who are now working to buy the property did get permission and do have the authority to put up those signs.

The last time we heard about D'Andrea, there were some promising plans to open it back up as a nine-hole course with a practice area.

Again, those plans have now fallen through. There is a new deal in the works, but at this point, there's no word on who the newest potential buyer might be.

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