Ask Joe: What's planned at corner of West Fourth and Keystone Avenue?


Thursday's Ask Joe question: Viewer Kelsey Rivara wrote in asking what's happening at the corner of Keystone and West Fourth Street in Reno? She's noticed a lot of construction going on where the gas station used to be.

Here's what I found out:

We went out and checked it out. There's a lot of construction going on right now. I checked with Jon Humbert at Reno City Hall about this. The city of Reno owned that land where the Texaco station used to sit and the city decided to sell the property to Oppio Keystone L.L.C. for about $730-thousand dollars. The developer plans to build a new Maverick gas station there. It will be a 6,500 square project featuring retail space and the gas station which will employ 15-20 people.

The deal closed in October of 2017. The first job was demolishing the old business and according to the agreement the developer has about a year and a half from the closing date to complete the new development. With construction well underway, it looks like we should have an update on the completed project before too long.

Thanks to our viewer Kelsey who wrote in asking about this and to Jon Humbert at the city of Reno for filling us in on the status of that project.

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