Ask Joe: What's happening with lawsuit against Andrew Clinger?

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From the Ask Joe file, we are looking into a question about a high profile legal case involving Reno's former city manager, Andrew Clinger.

One of our viewers wrote in asking what's happening with the lawsuit that was filed against the city of Reno and Clinger.

Here's what I found out:

The latest on the sexual harassment case is that the lawsuit is moving forward.

Andrew Clinger, the former city manager resigned from his job and received a quarter of a million dollars in severance pay after he was accused of sexual harassment. Clinger now works for the governor's office.

An investigation by the city found there was no evidence to prove Clinger sexually harassed anyone.

Mark Mauser, the attorney representing two of three women who accused Clinger of wrongdoing, has filed a motion to get the Reno City Attorney's Office removed from the case. Mausert claims in his motion that city attorney Karl Hall has mishandled the case and should be recused.

So it's now up to the city to respond to the latest motion. That was expected to happen on Friday, November 17.

City Attorney Karl Hall tells News 4 they will be opposing that motion to have his office kicked off the case.

The bottom line is none the three women who filed complaints against Clinger work for the city anymore, and neither does Clinger, but the lawsuit is moving ahead.

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