Ask Joe: What's being done to fix potholes on El Rancho Drive?


Tuesday's Ask Joe question: viewer Barbara Hegne points out there's a block long stretch of potholes on El Rancho Drive in Sparks. Barbara wants to know if there are any plans to fix that road anytime soon?

Here's what I found out:

We went out and took a look for ourselves. The stretch of road that is drawing concern is by Moorpark Court. It is pretty bumpy and it looks like it's been a while since it's been resurfaced. In fact our viewer Barbara says drivers avoid the middle of the road and drive on the shoulder because there are so many potholes in the middle of the lanes.

I checked with Sparks about this but it turns out this road is the responsibility of the Regional Transportation Commission or RTC because it is considered a regional road .

I checked with Lauren Ball at RTC and unfortunately a lot of folks over there were tied up with other projects when we reached out with our questions.

Just so you know, the way it works is RTC collects gas tax revenue that we all pay when we fill up and the agency uses that money to build and maintain regional roads. Is El Rancho on RTC's list to be repaved ? That's what we'll have to find out.

The folks over at RTC are digging into it and we'll follow up as soon as we get some answers.

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