Ask Joe: What is Reno doing about homeless camp at Paradise Park?

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From the Ask Joe file, we are looking into a question about a growing issue of homelessness at one of our local parks.

Misha Miller wrote in to ask what the city of Reno is doing to move the homeless out of Paradise Park.

She says it seems like everyone is turning a blind eye to the situation.

Here's what I found out:

Our photographer Trevor Benson headed over there to check it out for us, and there are definitely plenty of signs of people living there -- cars with blankets draped over them, shopping carts and a lot of general trash. There's even a couple of campers parked there.

What can be done? I checked with Alex Woodley, who is now the city of Reno's Code Enforcement Manager.

He says they just received a complaint about this situation, so the city will be checking it out. You are not allowed to sleep in the park overnight, but police like to make sure there is room at the homeless shelter before they kick anybody out. So they will give out some warnings.

Also, if it is deemed a health hazard, then a task force will go in and really get the park cleaned up if that's what it needs.

There is some question about whether part of the park lies in the city of Sparks' jurisdiction. Reno says it does; Sparks says it does not. So we'll keep checking into that.

Woodley did say if they have to pick up anyone's belongings from the park the city will store them for 90 days to give folks the chance to reclaim them.

But again, the city is just getting word of this situation so all of this will be starting to move forward. We'll keep you posted on what kind of progress they make.

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