Ask Joe: What happened with Bunny Ranch truck ramming case?

A semi truck rear-ended the Bunny Ranch in Mound House, Nevada, on Friday, May 26, 2017 (SBG)

From the Ask Joe file, we're looking into a question about a bizarre crime that gained a lot of attention recently.

Kenzie Bales, who is one of our website producers here at the station, asked whatever happened to Brian Brandt, the man who was arrested for ramming his big rig truck into the Bunny Ranch Brothel back in May?

Here's what I found out:

After Brandt's arrest he landed in the Lyon County Jail to face charges of assault with a deadly weapon, destruction of property and possession of stolen property relating to the incident at the Bunny Ranch.

He had a court date set for August 1, but he was transferred to the Washoe County Jail in July to face charges relating to an earlier incident in Sparks, also for battery with a deadly weapon.

The strange part is when Brandt missed his court hearing in Dayton Justice Court, the court issued a failure to appear warrant, even though Brandt was sitting in the Washoe County Jail.

The bottom line is the whole Lyon County case is on hold now. Brandt will stay in Washoe County until his case here is resolved. His next court date is set for October 25, where he is scheduled to be sentenced on the battery charge.

I checked with the Lyon County District Attorney's office, and they say Washoe County was ready to go ahead with their case, which may explain why Brandt was transferred to Washoe. Again, he is due in court next month, in Washoe County.

Thanks to Kenzie Bales for bringing up that question. Kenzie is the one who noticed Brandt had been moved to Washoe County, so good catch on her part. It gave us a good chance to follow up on this story.

As always, let me know if you have questions. Send me an email anytime at or give me a call in the newsroom at 785-1210.

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