Ask Joe: What happened to the water in Heron's Landing Pond?

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    From the Ask Joe file, we are looking into a question about a local waterway and whether it's been impacted by the construction of the Southeast Connector Road?

    My colleague Kim Burrows observed recently that the pond at Heron's Landing was empty and she wanted to know what had happened to it and where the water went?

    Here's what I found out:

    The pond is located near the Heron's Landing subdivision off of Mira Loma Drive. There is water in the pond now but last week it was empty.

    I checked with Lauren Ball over at the Regional Transportation Commission about this.

    Ball says the Rio Poco Drain which is privately owned and used for agricultural purposes, supplies water to this pond. When the levels drop in that Rio Poco Drain, then the pond tends to dry up. Over the past two summers during construction the Southeast Connector crews pumped water out of the construction area and into the pond which kept it full.

    I also reached out to the homeowners' association for Heron's Landing to see if they have any concerns about the water levels in the pond. Gary Howell, the association's treasurer says he is concerned about the status of the pond and the wetlands surrounding it. Howell says the pond has only started to dry up since completion of the Southeast Connector Road. RTC's spokeswoman says the pond has always dried up and refilled based on the water coming from that agricultural drain.

    RTC insists the Connector project has not changed the way water can flow into the pond. Still Lauren Ball says RTC and the city of Reno are studying the situation and looking for possible solutions. But that’s all she would say. So they’re a little tight lipped about it. We’ll see what solutions they come up with.

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