Ask Joe: Why was pipe installed at popular "Hole in the Wall" hiking trail?

hole in the wall.jpg

Thursday's Ask Joe question: Brenna Greene from our sports department here at News 4 brought up a question about some construction that's taken place along a popular hiking trail in Reno known as the "Hole in the Wall."

Here's what I found out:

Brenna showed us some pictures and you can see the drainage pipe that has been installed through an opening in the rock along the trail that many people like to hike through. I checked with the Forest Service and they directed me to the Steamboat Canal Company which has the rights to that land through an easement.

Michael Pagni is the lawyer for the Steamboat Canal Company. He says the area is part of the Steamboat Canal which runs for 34 miles from the Truckee River near Verdi out to the Mount Rose Highway. The water is delivered through the canal to ranchers and other people who have purchased rights to the water along the route.

The concrete and drainage pipe were installed to make the canal more efficient and improve the drainage and flow along that part of the canal.

You are allowed to hike back there but Pagni asked us to remind people to be heads up in case you encounter any of their crews who might be working there, it is their property so if you can be respectful and give them space to work that would be appreciated.

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