Ask Joe: Have murder charges been filed in Eikelberger case?


From the Ask Joe file, we are digging into a viewer question about an ongoing criminal case.

John Young wrote to ask if there is any update on the case of Paul Eikelberger, the man who was arrested on a murder charge and then released just days later.

Here's what I found out:

Paul Eikelberger was arrested by Reno Police back in February of this year for the murder of 29 year old Sierra Ceccarelli. But days later the case was transferred to Lyon County because of a conflict of interest with the Washoe County District Attorney.

Lyon County never filed formal charges and Eikelberger was released. That was seven months ago.

So where do things stand? I checked with Jeremy Reichenberg with the Lyon County District Attorney's office. He says they still haven't filed charges against Eikelberger but he says this case is still a top priority and that Lyon County is working with Reno Police on the investigation. Reichenberg says they talk with RPD detectives a couple of times a month but they still don't have enough evidence to file charges.

So Eikelberger, who was arrested on a charge of murder with the use of a deadly weapon, remains a free man and that's where things stand at this point.

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