Ask Joe: Virginia Lake swan set to make its return


Wednesday's Ask Joe question: (follow-up) Kim Churchfield asks when will the famous swan return to Virginia Lake?

Here's what I found out:

Well, we have an update.. As we reported last week the swan had been taken in by someone because it was not in good health. After our story I heard from Nancy Laird with the Wild Animal Infirmary for Northern Nevada. They're located down in Washoe Valley. Nancy says she's been nursing the swan back to health and she showed us some pictures of the swan resting up at the facility. She's had it since early February. She even had to tube feed it for a while to help the swan get its strength back. The good news is the swan is doing much better and with our warm weather Nancy says they may be able to release it back to Virginia Lake this first weekend of April if all goes well.

Nancy says one of the big problems is that people have been feeding the swan too much bread. Those empty calories are not good for the bird and she says they may try posting some signs reminding people not give the swan bread. She said she'll let us know when they release so hopefully we'll have that update for you soon.

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