Ask Joe: Reindeer Lodge owner ruled out from state senate bid

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Editorial update: Since this story was originally published, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled that Gary Schmidt could run in the June 12 republican primary.


From the Ask Joe file, several viewers have written in asking for an update on the efforts to save the Reindeer Lodge.

Here's what I found out:

This has been quite an ordeal. Heavy snowfall caused the roof of the Reindeer Lodge to cave in a couple of winters ago and Washoe County is now trying to get the owner, Gary Schmidt, to either rebuild the property or tear it down.

Schmidt is hoping he can save it.

In the meantime, Schmidt had also filed to run for Nevada State Senate listing the Reindeer Lodge as his official address but the courts have decided that there's no way anyone can be living there so they have ruled Schmidt cannot run for that district 16 senate seat against the incumbent, Republican Ben Kieckhefer. Technically, what the court ruled is that Schmidt cannot hold that office.

Schmidt then took his fight to the Nevada Attorney General but was shut down there as well. He says his next step will be an appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court.

Schmidt says he will still campaign, so don't be surprised if you see him out and about but he cannot officially run for the office.

In the meantime, he's still looking to either sell the Reindeer Lodge or restore the parts of it which were damaged by heavy snow two winters ago.

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