Ask Joe: Park clean-up gets underway after viewer complaint

Ask Joe: A viewer wants to know if Reno will address a growing homeless camp in Paradise Park.

From the Ask Joe file, we are following up on our story about a growing homeless camp at a local park.

Misha Miller had written in asking about this. Her question concerned what was being done about the growing homeless camps at Paradise Park.

Misha said she felt like the issue is being ignored so she turned to us.

The problem is pretty severe. There are vehicles and campers that people are clearly living out of in the parking lot at Paradise Park.

We spoke with the city about it Tuesday night, and Wednesday morning police and code enforcement were out at the park tagging vehicles with warning stickers to get them moved. If they aren't moved they will be towed.

We went out and saw seven vehicles that had been tagged. Reno's code enforcement manager, Alex Woodley, told us this will be the first step in cleaning up the park. If there are any health issues like hypodermic needles or anything else, then a task force that will include the health district will be brought in.

But first things first, police want to get those cars moved and in the process refer anyone who is living in their vehicle to a local homeless shelter that has room for them so they have a place to go.

Woodley says it is illegal to camp out in parks, so the city is taking action to get things cleaned up. In this case, it was a pretty quick response after our story aired last night.

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