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Ask Joe: new NHS Board President promises change

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The Nevada Humane Society has been mired in controversy stemming from a number of written complaints submitted recently to the Washoe County Animal Services Regional Advisory Board. News 4 has also raised questions going back to 2021 on issues from animal care to claims of retaliation against employees who raise concerns to questions about financial irregularities. Three board members and the CEO have all resigned in the past week.

I sat down with the new Board President, Ray Gonzalez, and Vice-President Rita Eissmann to discuss how they plan to move forward. Gonzales and Eissmann vowed to push for more transparency and better communication. Gonzalez says it's critical that those who are leading the Humane Society also have good relationships with other agencies. And they point out there is a new process where complaints will go to the entire board instead of only going to the CEO or a few members of the board.

The Board has also authorized a review of animal welfare, staff pay and the organization's by-laws.

Both Gonzalez and Eissmann have been on the board for about two years, but they insist they are not responsible for the past issues. Gonzales says as board president he'll now have the power to bring about change and steer the organization the right direction.

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