Ask Joe: New buyer for D'Andrea Golf Course?


From the Ask Joe file, we are digging into a viewer question about what used to be a popular local golf course that has now turned into an eyesore.

Kevin Lee wrote in saying he would like to find out about the development of D'Andrea Golf Course. Kevin wants to know if there is a new owner of the property and what the status is at this time?

Here's what I found out:

This has been a terrible situation for homeowners ever since the golf course closed back in 2012. There have been efforts to redevelop it but none of those have materialized.

I checked with the city of Sparks this week and they told me they didn't know about any deals currently in place.

But then I came across an article in the Idaho Statesmen Newspaper which says city spokesperson Julie Duewel said there is a deal underway and that the property is in escrow.

The Idaho Statesman did a story reporting on the fact that the former owner of the D'Andrea Golf Course is now trying to purchase a golf course in Idaho.

I spoke with Duewel about that comment in the paper and she says she may have been misquoted in that article. In any case there is a deal in the works according to a letter the city received earlier this month from Mcdonald Carano Law Firm, National Landscape Company is trying to buy the property or at least part of it. We'll know more on Thursday, November 1st as the issue is set to go before the Sparks Planning Commission.

This is far from a done deal because there are a lot of questions about how the property can be developed. Right now it is zoned as open space according to the city.

But the short answer to the question is yes, there is a deal in the works as we speak to purchase the golf course property at D'Andrea.

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