Ask Joe: Is Waste Management skipping Red Rock neighborhood?


From the Ask Joe file, we are looking into a question from a handful of residents up at Red Rock who say they're having troubles with their garbage service and they've turned to us for help.

Kathy wrote in saying their garbage was supposed to be picked up on January 10, but the Waste Management truck did not show up.

They scheduled a make-up day, but Kathy says no one showed for that either.

Finally, their garbage was picked up on January 17. But Kathy wants to know what the problem is and why the other pickups were missed.

Here's what I found out:

I heard from a few residents in that neighborhood of Sierra Ranchos near Red Rock.

They had similar complaints and some of them sent in pictures showing their garbage cans outside waiting to be picked up. The good news is the truck did make it out there this week, and the trash got picked up.

But residents say this has been an ongoing problem. It sounds like part of the issue can be attributed to weather.

Even when it's not severe weather, the conditions can be too slick for the big garbage trucks to navigate safely. Those trucks weigh 50 tons.

Waste Management sent us a photo of one of the trucks having trouble navigating a dirt road with just a little snow on the ground. If that's the case, the company may have to cancel a pick-up day.

It is important to point out Waste Management's spokesperson Kendra Kostelecky told us the reason the pick-up was skipped on January 10 in Sierra Ranchos was the weather.

However, we did not receive any rain or snow on that day. I double-checked with our weather department here at News 4 to confirm that. No rain or snow, but Waste Management says the weather prevented them from making their normal routes that day.

Kostelecky also says if you live on a private dirt road, and there is any kind of weather, the company is not obligated to do a curbside pick-up. If that's the case, customers are asked to haul their garbage cans to the nearest paved road so that they can be picked up.

Again, each situation is different. This is something you as a customer may want to ask Waste Management about if you're having problems with consistent service, but that is their policy, laid out in the company's franchise agreement.

If you have problems with your Waste Management service, be sure to let us know so we can look into it and hopefully help to get the situation resolved.

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