Ask Joe: Is there enough parking at UNR?

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One of our viewers wrote in with a question about the amount of parking on the UNR campus.

Kelly House wrote in to say it's great that UNR is building so much new housing for students but she wants to know if there's going to be enough parking to go along with all the new housing units?

Here's what I found out:

If you've driven up on campus you've probably noticed there is a lot of new student housing under construction. And the school's student population seems to be increasing every year. So what about parking?

Sean McGoldrick is the Associate Vice President for Facilities Services on campus. He says despite the growth in the student population parking permit needs have remained flat in recent years perhaps, he says, because more students are living near campus and walking or biking to class.

Here's a look at the numbers:

At this point UNR has sold 9,729 parking permits and that's about 89 percent of what's available. The school also conducts vehicle counts at all of the 24 parking lots on campus and the latest one found that during peak times the lots are about 83 percent full meaning there are 1,100 empty parking spaces on those lots.

So the university has found there are still plenty of parking spots available but the question is will that continue to be the case? That's not quite as clear. McGoldrick says the university is currently reviewing the need for a new parking garage and trying to figure out possible locations where a garage could be built. So more to come on that topic in the future.

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