Ask Joe: Is there an update on missing swan from Virginia Lake?

swan 3.jpg

Wednesday's Ask Joe question: We continue to get questions from viewers about the status of the missing swan from Virginia Lake.

Here's what I found out:

The swan was picked up a while back when someone noticed she had lost weight and didn't seem to be healthy. She's been in the hands of a wild animal infirmary in Washoe Valley ever since. They've been feeding her through a dropper and helping her to get her strength back. Nancy Laird with the Wild Animal Infirmary says the bird became ill from eating too much bread.

The good news is the swan is ready to return, her caretakers are just waiting a stretch of good weather to take her back. They had planned on this week but with thunderstorms in the forecast it is now set for next week.

This is a domestic swan which used to be found out at Manzanita Lake at UNR until it moved to Virginia Lake.

So we'll follow up next week and hopefully bring you the story when the swan is finally back in its regular home at Virginia Lake.

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